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One of the most interesting things to do in Maldives is to indulge in the many excursions of Maldives. There are a lot of places to see around Maldives. It will be an ultimate experience to visit the fishing village and see the Maldivians way of life. And it can be said that if you do not explore Male, the capital city of Maldives, your trip is incomplete.

You don't need to ponder as to how to enjoy in Maldives, because there are a number of fun options available to suit the needs of every person's enthusiasm level and his budget. There are different kinds of excursions available here consisting of diving, sailing, safari fishing trips, discovering the beauty of resort islands and uninhabited islands etc.

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Ukulhas, Maldives

The unrivalled beauty of Ukulhas Island makes this Maldives hotspot an unbeatable holiday destination. Each year, visitors are stunned by its white-sand beaches, lush vegetation and turquoise seas. This makes Ukulhas the ideal destination to explore the Indian Ocean treasures a bounty of colorful tropical fish and sea life. Ukulhas has won awards for being the leading guesthouse island in Maldives as it is one of the best islands for local islands tourism. The island is famous for its eco-friendly culture, with regular cleaning and planting programs taking place each year to keep the island looking its best.

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